Hans Lüdemann


„3x3 - Die Kunst des Trios“ - (the art of the trio)

Hans Lüdemann
in trios with
Robert Landfermann - Jonas Burgwinkel
Dieter Manderscheid - Christian Thomé
Sebastien Boisseau - Dejan Terzic
Linley Marthe - Chander Sardjoe
Henning Sieverts - Eric Schaefer

This trio series is an experiment. Within a period of one and a half years I presented myself as the pianist in 5 different constellations of the „classic“ Jazz trio with bass and drums. I developed a specific conception, a special program and partly new compositions and scetches for each trio, individually designed for the musicians. They contributed their own ideas and compositions. All of them are outstanding creative musicians of their instruments. „Die Kunst des Trios“ featured musicans from Cologne, from the German, European and international scene - showing that all play on a similar high level. After only short time of rehearsal each trio played a concert at the LOFT Cologne which was recorded in studio quality. This means there was only one try. The focus is on the strength of improvised music, using the suspense of the first meeting to enter into the intensest possible level of musical communication.
„Perfection“ might have suffered a bit here and there, but high risk and „mistakes“ are essential parts of the live experiment. Of main importance was the thrill of spontaneity. It was dumbfounding for me to experience that as a pianist I sounded completely different in each of these trios. Every trio worked out right away, each created its own musical world. On the whole a cosmos of improvised music evolved that gives a notion of the infinity of creative possibilities.

These were the musicians and programs
of „die Kunst des Trios 1 - 5“:

Die Kunst des Trios 1 - march 2007
Hans Lüdemann - Robert Landfermann - Jonas Burgwinkel (Köln) „Nu RISM“: intricate rhythms and forms

A trio from Cologne with one of the best young German rhythm teams. I have known both musicians from their beginnings. This trio presented a very challenging program of complex Jazz compositions by Steve Coleman, Andy Laster, Robert Landfermann and myself. New versions of some of my „Futurisms“ are the point of departure. They are extended and the electronic „virtual piano“ goes further into sound alterations and quarter tones. The improvisations are strictly confined to the rhythmic and harmonic frames of the pieces.

Die Kunst des Trios 2 - june 2007
Hans Lüdemann - Dieter Manderscheid - Christian Thomé (D) „Eislers Exil“: sound art with Eisler songs

Dieter Manderscheid and Christian Thomé are two great sound artists of German Jazz. Together we explore areas that touch the realms of „classical“ music: The songs of Hanns Eisler from the „Hollywood Songbook“ he created in his Californian exile in the early 40s. The Schönberg inheritance is detectable in the harmonic language, but Eisler combined it with simple song forms and melodies. Their aphoristic brevity opens rich possibilities for variation, improvisational comments and contrasts.

Die Kunst des Trios 3 - november 2007
Hans Lüdemann - Sebastien Boisseau (F) - Dejan Terzic „Rooms“: free flow of ideas and improvisations

A European trio that creates wide spaces of sound. These can emerge from the concentration into each single tone or become eruptive and very dynamic. The trio swings and is deeply rooted in Jazz, but is free to change musical directions unexpectedly at any moment.

Die Kunst des Trios 4 - february 2008
Hans Lüdemann - Linley Marthe (F) - Chander Sardjoe (NL) „Rhythm Magic“: Energetic virtuosity

Three virtuoso players in a highly energetic trio. The electric bass of Linley Marthe supplies increased „pressure“ that unloads in rhythmic fireworks. There are no limits regarding speed or rhythmic complexity, be it in slow 15/4, rapidly driving 7/8 or groovy 4/4 measure. The trio stays loose and playful with a good portion of humour.
„The three musicians are united by their virtuosity and the urge to explore all possibilities of their instruments.... What comes across to the audience is enthusiam - the pure joy of making music and sharing it.“ (Kölnische Rundschau, february 2008)

Die Kunst des Trios 5 - september 2008
Hans Lüdemann - Henning Sieverts - Erik Schaefer „Chiffre“

Experiments, noise, rock influences in an „All-German trio“ with one of the outstanding drummers from Berlin and the bass and cello master from München. The trio performs new compositions with elaborate formal structures, some of them with microtonal elements.

„Die Kunst des Trios“ was made possible with the support of SK Stiftung Kultur, the cultural council of the city of Köln and the LOFT Köln.
Because of my stay in the USA the series could not be continued in 2009/2010. This is planned for 2011, along with a documentation on CD. In the meantime, the trio „ROOMS“ with Sebastien Boisseau and Dejan Terzic has become a „working band“. The first CD of the group is released by the BMC label in 2010.

"die kunst des trios", introduced on France Musique/Jazz Open (Radio France) by Alex Dutilh (French) June 22, 2012. This podcast can be found online with the following link: http://sites.radiofrance.fr/francemusique/em/open-jazz/emission.php?e_id=65000050&d_id=460000336

www.citizenjazz.com/Hans-Ludemann.html (french)
www.thewholenote.com/index.php/booksrecords2/jazzaimprovised (USA)
www.jazzword.com/one-review/?id=128636 (USA)


Hans Lüdemann – Die Kunst des Trios 1 - 5, BMC records (November 2011) Kunsttiftung NRW

Excerpts of „die kunst des trios“ on youtube. Supplied by Budapest Music Centre
die kunst des trios 4
Hans Lüdemann - Linley Marthe - Chander Sardjoe RHYTHM MAGIC:
LE PEULH VIRTUEL (Hans Lüdemann)
DER WEICHE MOND (Hans Lüdemann)
ORIENTIERUNG (Hans Lüdemann)
die kunst des trios 5
Hans Lüdemann - Henning Sieverts - Eric Schaefer CHIFFRE:
SCHWARZ IN WEISS (Hans Lüdemann)
CHIFFRE (Eric Schaefer)
STEINE (Hans Lüdemann)

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