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April 2020

Hans Lüdemann solo piano - Livestream from the LOFT, Köln - April 4, 2020

Hans Lüdemann The LOFT in Köln (Cologne) has started a series of solo piano concerts as live streams on youtube to continue musical activities during the times of crisis. Hans Lüdemann ist performing a solo set of improvised and composed new material on April 4, flavored with special emotional and intellectual reflections on the situation. A scent of spring is paired with hymns, meditations and a portion of blues, promising an invigorating and heart - warming evening of emotion and energy. The LOFT is the place where Lüdemann recorded a legendary duo album with Paul Bley in 1993 and his first solo CD, „the natural piano“ in 1994. Since then, solo tours have brought him into many different corners of the world - in Europe, Africa, North America and China. Recent performances include a concert at the Elbjazz Festival Hamburg in 2019. Also his most recent, fourth solo album, „das reale Klavier“, released in 2015 by BMC records, is a recording made at the LOFT. A solo concert in Moscow is coming up in June, but right now it seems unclear if the situation will actually allow for travel and performance. For now, this streaming concert format seems the right alternative and you will be sure and safe attending it.There will be a recording for a special one - hour radio feature portrait of Hans Lüdemann to be broadcasted May 1 10pm/22:05h on radio NDR Info. (Foto: Georg Cizek-Graf)

Trio Ivoire XX „Enchanted Forest“
with Simin Tander/Tamara Lukasheva/Monica Akihary/Alexandra Grimal/Lisa Wulff


The premiere of the jubilee project „Enchanted Forest“ is scheduled for the month of may. It marks the jubilee season for the Trio Ivoire, celebrating 20 years of collaborative work since Aly Keita and Hans Lüdemann started the project in Abidjan in 1999. Trio Ivoire XX extends the trio of Lüdemann, Keita and drummer Christian Thomé with a vocal trio that includes singers Simin Tander, Tamara Lukasheva and Amanda Becker plus Photthe instrumental additions of saxophonist Alexandra Grimal and bass player Lisa Wulff. The production was recorded in 2019 and will be released as an album/CD by Intuition and presented in concert in 2020.(At the photo: Lisa Wulf, Tamara Lukasheva, Monica Akihary) „Enchanted Forest“ is an ode to nature and its music is inspired by the vocal polyphonies of the Aka pygmy, the title track interpreting this music and the idea of an organic collective of voices is developed in the new songs, compositions of Hans Lüdemann and free improvisations of the musicians and singers. The album release as well as the premiere concerts at Stadtgarten Köln and NDR Hamburg are still scheduled for May, but because of the crisis situation it looks likely that the whole project could be affected and moved to a different period in 2020/21. Right now everything is still on hold… Tro In fall of 2020, the Trio Ivoire is also scheduled to perform at the „Jazz au Chellah“ - Festival in Rabat, –Marocco, and at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. Singer Monica Akihary from Amsterdam will also be performing as a guest artist in the project.
Below an impression from the Jazz Bez Festival in the Ukraine, where the Trio Ivoire performed in the cities of Kiev, Ternopil, Lviv and Sumy in December of 2019 with many memorable and moving musical and human experiences and enthusiastic audiences. Another Ukraine performance took place at the Odessa Jazzfestival in September 2019. (Foto:
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TransEuropeExpress: „Polar Express - on the edges 2“ featuring Kalle Kalima & Sofia Jernberg


Not only the Trio Ivoire, but also TransEuropeExpress is scheduled to premiere a new project in may, part 2 of the longterm project „on the edges“, that reaches out to and beyond the borders of Europe. The new edition is subtitled „Polar Express“ and invites two musicians/composers from Scandinavia to write new music and perform with the ensemble - singer Sofia Jernberg from Sweden and Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima. Both of them are writing new compositions for and are performing as soloist with the ensemble. Other new compositions are contributed by Dejan Terzic and Hans Lüdemann. Performances are scheduled at Freiberger Jazztage, Ruhrjazzfestival Bochum and Alte Oper Frankfurt. The Bochum festival has already been moved from May to September and it looks likely, that the other dates will also have to be changed because of the crisis - but little is sure yet. You can check for updates on www.transeuropeexpress-ensemble.eu.
TransEuropeExpress is an ensemble of creative Jazz musicians from France and Germany who are all soloistis and composers: Yves Robert (tb), Silke Eberhard (as/cl), Alexandra Grimal (ts/cl), Regis Huby (vl), Ronny Graupe (g), Sebastien Boisseau (cb), Dejan Terzic (dr) and Hans Lüdemann (p/vp). For the Freiberg concert, saxophonist Julien Pontvianne and violin player Heloise Lefebvre are joining the ensemble.
Foto: Krisztina Szendes, BMC

TransEuropeExpress e.V. - Donations
The ensemble is organized as a registered association and has been officially acknowledged as a non-profit organization. This means that donations to the organization „TransEuropeExpress e.V.“ can be deducted from tax and the association is allowed to give donors a receipt/declaration. Your donations will support the work and projects of an outstanding musical project and an ensemble that is promoting and practising musical cooperation in Europe and beyond. Please contact us also if you wish to give longterm support to or when you search cooperation with the ensemble. Bank account: VR Bank eG Bergisch Gladbach - Leverkusen TransEuropeExpress e.V., IBAN: DE66 3706 2600 1512 3300 17, SWIFT - BIC: GENODED1PAF
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mikroPULS - best albums of 2019 - Gebhard Ullmann - Hans Lüdemann - Oliver Potratz - Eric Schäfer

MicroPlus he last album of Hans Lüdemann with the quartet mikroPULS (Gebhard Ullmann, Oliver Potratz, Eric Schaefer) , released in fall of 2019, was chosen two times as one of the best releases of the year 2019 - by „NewYorkCity JazzRecord“ and „JazzCity“ (D).
JazzCity (D)
NewYorkCity JazzRecord (USA)

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