Hans Lüdemann


May 2017

The new, 5th album of the TRIO IVOIRE, is released on May 5 by Intuition records:
TRIO IVOIRE „Desert Pulse“
Hans Lüdemann - Aly Keita - Christian Thomé
featuring Reiner Winterschladen (trumpet), Ballaké Sissoko (Kora)

pulse The album is a live recording from the festival „Acht Brücken“, Köln and unites new compositions with titles from the band’s history. The trio shows its concise energy in the opening tracks, then the music gains wider dimensions with the intensified melodic and African colors that both guest musicians contribute.

Hans Lüdemann’s ROOMS - Sebastien Boisseau - Dejan Terzic
„Blaue Kreise“ (BMC)

Kreise Hans Lüdemann - piano & virtual piano, Sebastien Boisseau - bass, Dejan Terzic - drums & percussion
The new album „Blaue Kreise“, released in February, receives attention in the press:
„Bizarre, but vibrating piano worlds with infectious groove and never heady…. a highlight of the Lüdemann discography“ (Karl Lippegaus/Fono-Forum - the best Classical - and Jazz-CDs of the month)
„A dozen of new pieces, sometimes glittering and flowing, sometimes edgy, altogether varied enough to define the trio as an original force within the big shark pond of the competition“ (Ralf Dombrowski, Jazzthing)
„Hans Lüdemann has achieved merits for the his trio work like few other musicians…. Lüdemann has sharpened his attention for the limits and the beyond of his own horizon. And he has not stopped to push and expand the borders“. (Hans-Jürgen Linke, Jazzthetik)

die kunst des trios -
continuation of the concert series/ 3 new editions in 2017

Kreise „die kunst des trios“ (the art of the trio) enters into a new round. The meanwhile legendary concert series is continued this year, after a longer interruption because of Hans Lüdemann’s year-long stay in the US. The start of three new editions has a fresh and tremendous accent. Two great improvisers of the Dutch Jazz scene come to Köln: bassist Wilbert de Joode, who has recently been awarded with one of the biggest music prizes of the Netherlands and Han Bennink, one of the great drummers of Jazz, who has influenced its history for decades. Both are known for their extremely creative approach to music and their musical openness. In the focus of this trio with Hans Lüdemann at the piano is the improvisation, that is designed by three individually acting personalities spontaneously - lively, full of surprises and following the flow of the music. A „Water music“ that finds its ways in its flow.

„die kunst des trios“ has (with interruptions) lasted for 10 years - it started in spring of 2007 with the trio Lüdemann - Landfermann - Burgwinkel and his since produced many prominently casted and extremely different trios, among them the trio ROOMS with Sebastien Boisseau and Dejan Terzic. It`s CD-Box edition on BMC records received the „ECHO Jazz 2013“ award. For the continuation of „die kunst des trios“ in 2017 two more trios are planned. Dates and lineups will be be announced - both of them will be international trios.

Hans Lüdemann and Wilbert de Joode know each other through their collaboration in a quartet with American violinist Mark Feldman and as teachers at the „Creative Jazz Workshop“ Montepulciano some years back, Wilbert and Han have worked together in different settings, the trio of the three is a premiere. (concert May 9 at the LOFT Köln, workshop May 10 in the Musikhochschule Köln)

Gebhard Ullmann - Hans Lüdemann - Oli Potratz - Eric Schaefer

The new quartet of three musicians from Berlin and one from Köln explores the musical microcosm. Gebhard Ullmann and Hans Lüdemann, who formed a duo as young musicians in Hamburg, have independently studied microtonal structures in music. Now they are connecting the quarter tones of the „virtual piano“ with the microtones of the saxophone and explore and develop new musical ways of expression. The creative rhythm team of bassist Oli Potratz and drummer Eric Schaefer contributes own compositions and ideas and „pulse“ to the project. The premiere of the group takes place with a studio production and a concert on June 22, 2017 at rbb Radio Berlin on the occasion of the first Berlin Jazz prize awarded to Gebhard Ullmann.

Hans Lüdemann solo:
Hinter den Tönen/Beyond the tones - (das volltemperierte Klavier)
In his solo programs Hans Lüdemann has expanded the piano with „virtual“ piano sounds microtonally for some years. This year he creates new compositions for microtonal piano commissioned by kunststiftung nrw.

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