Hans Lüdemann


May 2018

NEW ALBUM on BMC records
Hans Lüdemann TransEuropeExpress „PolyJazz“
Polyjazz The „TransEuropeExpress“ introduces itself with its first album „Polyjazz“ in May and live in concert in June. The octet unites creative minds of contemporary German and French Jazz from different generations and has set out on a swift journey to unknown destinations. The musicians draw creative energies from the interplay and fusion of their different dialects and form colorful and multilayered images of European Jazz. Situated in the no man’s land between the common small groups and bigbands of Jazz, the ensemble achieves the feat of uniting individual freedom of the improvising musicians with a broad palette of musical colors. With a stylistically wide open horizon, virtuosity, sensitivity, poesy, humour, emotion, expressivity and joy of playing the group turns complex music into sensual pleasure, leaving postmodernism easily behind. Started as the project „T.E.E. Ensemble“ with a premiere in Paris 2013, the „TransEuropeExpress“ has evolved into a homogenous and lively body of sound. The four French and four German musicians are: Yves Robert (trombone), Theo Ceccaldi (violin), Alexandra Grimal (soprano/tenorsax), Sebastien Boisseau (double bass), Silke Eberhard (altosax/bass clarinet), Ronny Graupe (guitar), Dejan Terzic (drums) und Hans Lüdemann (piano & virtual piano). On the album, the guitarist is Kalle Kalima. For the concerts, Julien Pontvianne (clarinet, tenorsax) will replace Alexandra Grimal.
Concerts: (with Ronny Graupe/g, Julien Pontvianne/ss, ts) June 6, 2018 HU – Budapest, BMC Opus Jazz Club / June 7, 2018 D – Berlin, Jazzdor Festival/Kulturbrauerei / June 8, 2018 D – Köln, Stadtgarten
Supported by:
Kultur und Medien Musikfond

Hans Lüdemann TRIO IVOIRE - Aly Keita - Christian Thomé
trio concerts & trio featuring Dobet Gnahoré (vocals)

After a celebrated concert premiere in Lyon/France in April, the trio will have a special performance in Münster in May featuring singer Dobet Gnahoré, who will also perform as a guest of the trio later in the year. She will be part of a new production that is in preparation celebrating the upcoming anniversary season of the Trio Ivoire in 2019/20 that is marking 20 years of the unusual and unique project.
Concerts: April 14, 2018 F - Lyon, Periscope (Trio Ivoire) / May 11, 2018 D - Münster, Jovel Music Hall/Deutscher Katholikentag) Trio Ivoire featuring Dobet Gnahoré / May 25, 2018 A - Krumbach, Pfarrkirche Hochneukirchen (Trio Ivoire) / Sept 1, 2018 A - Innsbruck, Treibhaus (Trio Ivoire featuring Dobet Gnahoré)

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